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  • The early stage to growth stage Venture Capital (VC) investment

            Mortune VC partner focuses on the best industrial, enterprise, and healthcare technology unicorn companies in U.S. Silicon Valley from early stage to growth stage. The VC invests in emerging AI technology fields including Healthcare Technology, Digital therapeutics, Frontier Cloud Infrastructure, Cybersecurity & Data Security, Network and Edge Computing, Mental Health Technology, Supply Chain & Logistics. Mortune VC partner is one of the best venture capital firms in U.S. Silicon Valley.
  • U.S. silicon valley unicorn company

            Mortune Capital has unique channels to obtain the popular and difficult-to-obtain U.S. Unicorn Company from each stage to Pre-IPO opportunities.
  • U.S. public market

             The strategy focuses on identifying companies with strong earnings and revenue growth potential, along with positive market senitment. The bullish strategy is using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis techniques. The trading strategies formulated by senior Wall Street professionals ensure the stability of overall returns.
  • Fixed income

            Mortune's fixed income product undergoes rigorous evaluation and assessment of risk to form diversified portfolio products with an annual return rate which exceeds the average market return.